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Private Viewing Gallery

How To Book Your Wedding Date



Payment & Terms:   A deposit of $300 is required to book your wedding package.  (Excluding “Small & Intimate Package” Balance is due at contract signing). Dates will not be held or secured without payment of a deposit.  There is no guarantee how long a certain date will remain open.   A payment of the remaining balance is due 30 days before the date of your wedding. My Wedding Contract is available to download.


Prices listed on this page do not include sales tax.  Sales tax will be added to all purchases.


Photography Coverage: When planning the amount of coverage for your wedding, "hours of photography" begins when the first photos are taken and continues for the entire time while the photographer is on site.


Additional Coverage & Rehearsals: Additional hours of coverage on your wedding day may be purchased with any package at the rate of $50 per half hour, $100 per hour.  Six hours is generally enough time to capture everything, from the bride getting ready to the reception.  But if events are more spread out than normal, you might want to consider additional time.


If you are interested in having your rehearsal photographed you should indicate this when you book your date so the time slot can he held open.  Rehearsal coverage is generally $175 if combined with a wedding package, plus any travel charges if applicable. 

Rates for additional full or part days are available upon consultation.


All items included in your package must be redeemed within six months of your wedding.   All items that are included in your package, including album and print allowance, must be ordered and redeemed within six months of the date of your wedding.  Any remaining or unused allowance will expire six months after your wedding. 


Online Wedding Gallery:  All wedding packages include an online gallery of your wedding pictures so that you can easily view/share your wedding with friends and family worldwide.  Web galleries are normally online within 10 days of your wedding. 


 Following your wedding you will receive an email with a direct link to your wedding pictures.  The images in your gallery will be optimized for web viewing and not for printing.  Images in the web gallery are set so that they can be downloaded.   Individuals can also purchase any of the images in your web gallery.  You may use the images from your web gallery in personal websites or community websites, such as Facebook.   Your web gallery will remain online for approximately 6 months. 


All of the images provided to a client on DVD or USB Drive may be reproduced, distributed, or printed by the client without restriction and without credit or additional payment to the photographer.  The photographer may also use the images for promotional or advertising purposes. Photos on the DVD Drive are high resolution (300 dpi +) which is the most common resolution for commercial printing.


Wedding Albums provided with the packages shown above are professional high quality flush mount albums - 20 pages in length.  

A 30 page album is available for an additional $239.00.   Prices for additional album styles are available upon request


Designing your Wedding Album:  There are two ways to go about the design of your album (1) I creatively design the album myself or (2) you look through your web gallery and send me a list of photos you want in the album. 

Either way works fine.  Whether I design the album on my own or if you provide a list of shots to include, the costs of designing the album are included in the package price.


Black & White Prints:  In general, any image can be printed in color or black and white.  But the best black and white prints will result when the photographer knows in advance that certain images are intended for black and white printing.  If you want your package to contain black and white or sepia toned prints just let me know in advance. 


Comment on minimum number of wedding images: My style of photography is such that I take a large number of photos.  In most cases the bridal couple will receive more images than the minimum number specified for their package. 


Shipping: If you are in the San Diego area your prints and or album will be sent by US Mail or UPS you will not be charged for the cost of standard shipping.

All prices are subject to change and packages shown on this page may change at any time.  Any price or package changes after you book your wedding will not affect your wedding.  You are guaranteed all prices that are in effect at the time you book your wedding date. 


Creative Techniques:  There are wide range of creative techniques that can be applied to your photographs, subtle changes in color or toning, mixtures of black and white and color, and other artistic techniques.  If you are searching for a certain "look" we can discuss the options available.  There is generally no additional charge for creative techniques used with the wedding albums.


Printing from your Photo DVD or USB Drive:  There is no guarantee that prints you make yourself or have printed from these files will look exactly like the prints that are provided to you in your wedding package.  Color, clarity, brightness, overall quality, will vary depending on where the prints are made.  These differences are due to inconsistencies in the way that different photo printers will interpret the color information in the JPG file.  Low cost print houses (Walmart, Costco, Walgrens, etc) can often produce good quality prints but the color and overall quality will vary with each different printing machine and the way it is calibrated and maintained.   To get the best results you should print the images with all automatic enhancement features turned off.  The files are already color balanced and edited for the best appearance.  If the software at the printer tries to enhance what has already been enhanced, you may get prints with inaccurate color and tone.   The best advice, if you are having many prints made from your DVD or USB Drive at a particular photo printer, is to have one or two prints made and compare them to the original prints provided by Christopher Allison Photography.  If you are satisfied with the prints then go ahead and get the remainder.  If you are not satisfied with the results then talk with the print manager or try another location.